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global warming hype My site will expose the FAUX SCIENCE that enslaves us all
the great carbon dioxide swindle reduce carbon footprint   In the interest of sanity and myth-busting, I herewith record my comments on all FAUX SCIENCE.
reduce carbon footprint reduce global warming   It feels like shouting against the wind but I hope that one day the wind will change direction.
the great carbon dioxide swindle reduce carbon footprint   We must urgently stop the advance of FAUX SCIENCE, it’s killing us. Think and come aboard!
the great carbon dioxide swindle global warming hype   All things "Green" are not always good and in fact often bad for us and our planet.
global warming hysteria  
. . .  it has all happened before and it won't go away this time either, but we do need to keep an eye on reality.
reduce global warming Last updated 29 July 2019: Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes
reduce global warming
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reduce carbon footprint "It's possible to go through life blissfully oblivious of the brain's existence."  So wake up and make a difference!
reduce carbon footprint Please read SLAYING the SKY DRAGON, which I co-authored;  click on the logo:  
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