Spencer Sorcery on Magic Gas

Lukewarm Lemmings

Greenhouse Gas Ptolemaic Model

Latest Conference of Luke Warmers

Greenhouse Gas Gang - blast from 2009

Let’s Talk About . . . FLOODS!!!

Green Prince of Darkness - EXPOSED

Penn Pied Piper Plays Laureate

Non Science Nonsense (April 2010)

Science Goes Over-Under, Inside-Out

Becoming a TOTAL Earth Science Skeptic

Interrupting the Zombie-Robot Monotribe

Epic Zombie-Robot Battle Emerging

Another Warmist Monk Immolates

Federal Reserve Banking & Faux Reality

Another Green Energy Never Neverland

Green Prince screws his own subjects

Snopes Trial for Warmist Monkey

Bothered by Earthfarts

Magic Realm of Umbrellaman

Coup de Grace for Imposed Ignorance

Carbon Warfare Rules of Engagement

Carbon Follies - encore

Hoodwinked by Hoodlums

Nothing Up This Sleeve

No Loophole for Your Soul

WOW….Maximum CO2 Will Warm Earth for 20 Milliseconds

Two Years On, Why is the Obvious Still a Mystery?

Recusant Picadores Circle the IPCC

It’s Clouds Illusions That I Recall

The Challenge for the Climate Change Savants

Rocket Scientist Need NOT Apply

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