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Conceived as a way to commemorate the 25 th lunar landing this 1500 ft tower would have a 300 ft diameter simulated lunar crater at the base with a low rise dome….similar to the colonies being proposed on the moon. An elevator ride up the canted tower legs would land at the “Gantry Level” the same heights as an Apollo rocket. Walking across a plexiglassed covered grate you could look down and admire the courage necessary to climb on top of a rocket that tall and say “ Houston , blast me to the moon”. At this level you would enter elevators designed to be Space Shuttle Simulators and when strapped in and reclined you could watch the clouds on the fly past on the windshield monitor and reach 60 mph vertical speed. This speed would allow three seconds of weightlessness at the same time the monitor turned to show you the black star filled sky with the sun, the moon and the earth. From the 1500 ft height you could see the Gulf of Mexico on a clear day.

Presented to the city of Houston in Sept, 1989, this $30 million dollar project would produce $15 million per year in income. It would have paid for itself in a few years and deducting operation costs could have produced $10 million per year in engineering education scholarships every year since.